11 April 2022

PHMG rebrands and launches new PHMG.com

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PHMG, established since 1998 and now the world’s leading audio branding experts, have unveiled a new brand identity, created entirely in-house by their team of creatives.

The new identity aligns their visual, verbal and sonic identities in readiness for a period of significant growth.

Following the appointment of Tom Heaton (Ahoy, DS.Emotion) as Global Creative Director in January 2021, the business began taking itself through the same meticulous process it takes its clients through. Heaton explains:

As you might imagine, working in the world of branding as we do, we believe passionately in its power. We sell ourselves on the strength of the impact our audio productions can have on our clients’ brands. The face we present to the world has to be something our clients aspire to emulate.

The project was kicked off early in 2021 and meant delving deep into the company’s mission and essence, to redefine the brand in its entirety. About far more than just the way the business looks or sounds to outsiders, it has transformed the way the business thinks about itself and the services it offers, by revisiting what it means to do things ‘the PHMG way’.

The business’s rebrand is comprehensive and extends both online and off. The team commissioned Birmingham-based digital studio Adaptable to develop an entirely new PHMG.com, including a Client Log-in area that will, in time, offer more functionality than before.

The project is timed to coincide with the launch of new offices in Phoenix, Arizona (the business’s second US base) and an expanded space in Leeds, England.

There have also been changes to the staff dress code — which is newly relaxed to reflect changing employee expectations in a post-pandemic world — and the business has invested significantly in refurbishing their physical environments to incorporate biophilic design.

Heaton explains the thinking:

Using natural woods, plants and metal finishes is proven to help in mental recovery and stress-relief, and can also help to ‘replenish’ our capacity to pay attention – therefore making us more productive.

PHMG founder, Grant Reed, added:

We’re at a key turning point in PHMG’s history, as we evolve our service offer to support clients with astounding audio on every communication channel. Our new branding will support our mission of helping every business to harness the incredible power of audio to connect with their customers.

PHMG’s expert team supports over 34,000 clients in over 50 countries, with services including exclusive music, professional voice artistry, scriptwriting and post-production services. Client brands include Adidas, Samsung, Coca-Cola and Audi.

View the new identity in full

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