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Astounding audio. Everywhere their customers are.

Sound matters

We’re obsessed with it, and believe any business can harness its power to forge deeper connections with their customers.

We work hand-in-hand with brands big and small, creating exclusive music tracks, writing and

recording high quality voiceovers, crafting sonic logos and other branded audio cues, and much more.

We’re also developing relationships with key strategic partners (such as Spotify and Global Radio) to help support their customers with the creation of high-quality advertising campaigns for broadcast.

Experts at every step

Musical maestros

We employ a large team of musicians – including composers, performers, musicologists, editors, producers and A&R experts. Their knowledge and expertise is the reason we can compose a unique piece of music for every client who subscribes to our service.

They’re talented professionals who have collectively bagged ARIA, Grammy, BAFTA and Emmy nominations; penned commercial pieces for the likes of Apple, BMW and Burberry; and rubbed shoulders with industry heavyweights including Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran and Paul McCartney.

Our Executive Director of Production, Jacquire King, is a three-time Grammy winner – the unrivalled ear behind tracks by Kings of Leon, Shania Twain and Norah Jones.


Creative scriptwriters

We employ a pool of over 40 professional writers – ensuring we can craft a script that accurately reflects every brand’s distinct way with words.

Possessing a rare combination of expertise in writing for audio, and experience in journalism and marketing, they’ve written for the likes of Heineken, Samsung and Hallmark.

They write daily for brands around the globe, getting under the skin of what makes them different and using this to craft compelling scripts. And wherever our client is based – whether that’s south Wales, or New South Wales – they’re versed in the world’s local lingo.

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Voice artists

Choosing the right voice artist for each business is crucial. Because to whoever’s listening, that voice artist is that business.

Our casting experts help clients navigate this veritable minefield to identify the right voice to represent their brand, and get it recorded.

Our roster of over 300 freelance voice artists is as diverse as our clients. So we can offer a huge variety of styles and accents across the English-speaking world, in addition to more than a dozen global languages. And if we don’t have the voice or language option someone needs? We’ll find it.

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Relationship managers

A dedicated Account Manager is assigned to every client from day one, working alongside them to ensure we’re delivering what our clients need.

They’re there at the other end of the phone to capture new briefs and maximize our relationships, helping client brands to develop their audio branding strategy in a way that adds value for everyone involved: them, us, and their customers.

Tech titans

We won’t just help with creating audio – we work with clients to resolve any technical hiccups when it comes to using their productions.

Our technology experts have never met a phone system they couldn’t work with, and spend their days optimizing call trees/routing.

We also help clients migrate to cloud-based systems that offer increased functionality and more opportunities to deploy branded audio, thanks to our established relationships with industry big-hitters RingCentral, 8×8 and GoToConnect.

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Prof. Charles Spence, Oxford University

Congruent sound and video enhance the emotional impact of visual communication by 1207%

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